X9 Exception Manager

X9 Image Clearing - Exception Manager is a Windows based enterprise application for inclearing processing of all image cash letter (ICL) file based check items.

X9Exception Manager Diagram



X9 Exception Manager is a complete image cash letter system for managing payment decisions on all inclearing items including Transit and ONUS from any clearing network such as the FRB or SVPCO, etc. or deposit channels such as Branch, ATM, Remote Deposit or Remittance Processing for your financial institution.

X9 Exception ManagerX9 Exception Manager is an application for automating and managing decisions regarding all check items contained in ICL files. These check items can be forward presentment checks and drafts.

Using MICR field data (transcodes, routing numbers and other data) contained in the ICL file, the software categorizes items and routes to the business unit responsible for making payment decisions.

Using configurable business rules, X9 Exception Manager can automate payment decisions and flag items to be reviewed by designated internal business groups. The efficiency gained can result in same day payment processing and return disposition.

X9 Exception Manager integrates with accounting, general ledger, check processing and image archive systems. This means there is no need to replace expensive core systems.


  • Increases transaction throughput by enabling same-day payment exception decisioning and returns
  • Enables Check 21 processing for legacy item processing and payment systems
  • Provides improved float management with same day payment decisioning
  • Provides scalability to grow with the volume needs of large and medium size financial institutions and departments
  • Reduces technology risks by using standard database and file formats

Workflow with and without Exception Manager


Product Functions

  • Processes all incoming check image cash letter files from
    • Exchanges such as Federal Reserve Bank, SVPCO, Viewpointe and others
    • Other deposit channels such as branch, ATM, RDC, mobile and remittance
  • Intranet-based GUI Interface for research
  • Automatic routing based on MICR and ICL metadata such as transcode, routing number, source,
  • Configurable routing to different internal business groups & users
  • Automatic scheduled processing for return items, general ledger entries, report generation.
  • Exception list interface for all flagged items for:
    • Review
    • Return
  • IRD Generation in either batch mode or ad hoc


  • Auto import ICL files from major exchanges: FRB, SVPCO, Endpoint. Viewpointe, etc.
  • Auto import from deposit channels: ATM, Branch, Mobile, Remote Deposit, Remittance
  • Supports check payment types: Personal, Business, Drafts
  • Provides interface for review or return of flagged exceptions from core banking system
  • Automatic catagorization and routing (see Auto Routing tab) of items based on:
    • Routing number, account number, transcodes, dollar amount
    • ICL file metadata: type, source, channel
  • Configurable business-unit queues:
    • Loan departments
    • mortgage
    • business
    • credit card
    • AP
    • etc.
  • Automated scheduled processing for Return files, Reports, IRD Printing, G/L files
  • Intranet web-based applications for:
    •       Payment decisioning w/assignment of return reason
    •       Item & Return research
  • User access based on roles/responsibilities
  • Image Replacement Document (IRD) generation
  • Print IRDs based on flags from core banking system or on demand
  • Supports 50+ ICL file formats
  • Configurable term image archive for forward & return items
  • Email notification of automated process status
  • Licenses for production, development, test and DRS environments
  • Report module with support for customer-defined reports
  • Duplicate item and file detection
  • Data integrity module - improved check image and MICR quality
  • Interfaces to core banking, accounting and other systems:
    • External image archive interface
    • Check Clearing system interface
    • Accounting system interface
    • Other decisioning systems



Financial organizations are looking for ways to become more efficient, reduce cash reserve requirements and decrease fraud risk. At the same time they have a huge investment in legacy check item processing software systems. How to deal efficiently with exceptions  (items that require some special processing or review), is a concern of every financial institution.

X9 Exceptions is the solution.


Using X9 Exceptions application software, all in-clearing check items from image exchanges and deposit channels can be automatically routed for decisioning prior to the day one batch processing. That saves a day in reducing cash reserve requirements and fraud detection turning around returns in one day instead of two.

X9 Exceptions works with legacy check item processing systems by immediately processing the incoming image cash letter files. X9 Exceptions will work with the current system. No need to upgrade or change your legacy core processing systems. X9 Exceptions is compatible with Day 2 exception processing, general ledger systems and long-term image archive systems.

Key to achieving these efficiencies is the X9 Exception Manager Auto Routing feature which identifies, categorizes and routes exception items based on a configurable set of business rules. Some examples are shown below: The entire financial processing system becomes more efficient by automatically routing exceptions based on customizable rules and data.

X9 Exception Manager Auto Routing

Exception items are routed to relevant business groups such as loans, credit card processing, mortgage loans, accounts payable so that they can make can make informed payment decisions on day one.

X9 Exceptions can scale and work with small, medium or large financial institutions and is architected to easily scale to millions of daily transactions efficiently.

Using standard check image cash letter files, SQL databases and off the shelf reporting software, X9 Exceptions application eliminates the need for dependency on closed proprietary systems.




arch diagram


X9 Exceptions is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing check processing systems. The architecture image below illustrates the connections to your current system.

Process Flow without X9 Exception Manager


Process Flow with X9 Exception Manager

X9 Exceptions Manager Architecture Showing Major Components and Interfaces


The design of X9 Exceptions is to “bolt on” to your system and maintain the current workflow and processes you have in place for non-exception items. X9 Exceptions will make your system more efficient in how it handles exceptions, processing most of them on Day 1 vs Day 2.

X9 Exceptions interfaces with your current item processing, accounting, image archive and exception processing software. This eliminates the need for a major software upgrade or replacing your current legacy system.

Because the exception processing is a self-contained module, implantation is quick and reliable with little impact on the original system. X9 Exceptions “talks” to all your current software and transfers the appropriate data about the exceptions through its multiple interfaces.


X9 Exceptions uses a browser based intranet system. User screens and actions are available through a browser interface that is secure and safe within your internal system. X9 Exceptions comes with a variety of standard screens that can be customized for your users and business groups.

Payment Decisioning Work Screen


Work Queue Summary Screen


Professional Services

Professional Services

X9 Exceptions is based on the X9 Image Clearing Platform from All My Papers. This platform is designed to provide flexibility and efficient customization. A detailed statement of work will be provided that details the implantation plan & schedule, business consulting, system build and testing, production deployment, support and training.

Professional Services May Include

  • System requirements workshops
  • Installation & integration services
  • User training & manuals
  • Critical production support
  • Support hotline
  • Source code escrow

X9 Exceptions is designed to integrate with your current software systems and work with your users and their desired workflow.

To ensure that All My Papers delivers seamless integration a systems requirements workshop will be held with all the appropriate stakeholders involved.  This will include project managers, IT staff, business work groups, security, and system architects. Items covered will be planning, system design, functional requirements, schedule and milestones and report designs.

All My Papers will schedule on-site and virtual services to facilitate these workshops.

Additional workshops can be scheduled to include custom features and user screens.

Installation and integration services include workflow and process diagrams, testing systems and schedules, report designs, report, assign and define defect categories, define acceptance criteria and timeline

All My Papers provides standard support and optional extended support hours and hotlines. AMP will train first line internal support personnel.



Operating Platform: Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, IIS, .NET 4.6

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