Bank Merger Clearing Solution – An X9 Image Clearing Module

The All My Papers Bank Merger Clearing solution is a set of standalone modules for the X9 Image Clearing system which facilitates the migration of new customers acquired as a result of a bank merger.

Bank Merger Workflow-v3


The All My Papers Bank Merger solution will process inclearing cash letter files and locate the check items that are drawn on the acquired financial institutions accounts. New account information is determined from a cross-reference file, and the item’s cash letter MICR fields are translated to the acquiring institution's routing and account numbers. The cash letter files can then be posted to the accounting system.

If an item drawn on the acquired institution is returned, the system will restore the original MICR routing and account information back into the cash letters items MICR data fields. If additional institutions are acquired, all that is needed is to add the new accounts to the cross reference file.

The All My Papers Bank Merger Clearing solution is composed of two Windows Service application that are easily integrated into the financial institutions workflow. The received inclearing files are directed to a landing zone where the system will process and send the translated cash letter to a destination location for account posting processing. The outgoing return cash letter files are directed to a second landing zone where the process will restore the translated items to their original routing and account numbers and direct the output return cash letter file to a destination location for clearing.



Platform Solution Licenses

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