Working With Remote Deposit Capture

All My Papers has a suite of products that provide a solution for Remote Deposit Capture (RDC).

Each destination financial institution (recipient of the ICL file) requires that the file be formatted to their unique requirements. These requirements are detailed in a companion document. These companion documents are usually proprietary.

There are ready-to-run applications, enterprise platform solutions and software development tool-kits for creating you own application.

All My Paper Products such as:


Working with ICL File Variations

The X9/ICL file standard was developed to address a broad group of users who need to send check images and check image data electronically, accurately and efficiently. Unfortunately, the standard did not address some important issues. Consequently, there have appeared on the market many variations on the standard. Some of these variations fall within the scope of the standard and some do not. But nonetheless, your organization may receive or send an X9/ICL file that is substantially different than what you or your exchange partners were expecting.

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