X9 Viewer Supports WFB

All My Papers (AMP) includes capabilities in it's suite of X9 VIEWER software products to work with Wells Fargo Bank’s  (WFB) proprietary remote deposit files. X9 VIEWER has the ability to view, edit and analyze, the Wells Fargo Bank RDC X937/ICL file format. Wells Fargo employees will use this software tool to analyze and qualify new RDC customers’ deposit files.

X9 VIEWER users can open and analyze WFB RDC files for conformance to WFB’s requirements. If there are any non-conforming items in the check image cash letter (ICL) file the viewer will highlight those items in red and provide a description of the error(s). These errors can be rapidly corrected and then a new corrected file resent to WFB for a shortened and more efficient approval process for Remote Deposit Capture.

X9 VIEWER enhancements for the WFB format includes:

  • Addition of Credit Record 61 & User Record 68
  • User Record support in the first 8 fields of Record
  • Editing and saving of WFB files
  • View and Analysis of the WFB file format
  • Validation of internal WFB records

In addition to the new X9 Viewer, AMP developed a new version of its X9 LIB that allows easy generation of WFB files for Wells Fargo RDC customers.  This can be used both for production and test file generation.

X9 VIEWER Software Benefits

  • Reduce Time/Costs for RDC file approval with Wells Fargo Bank
  • Use the same tools for analyzing conformance as Wells Fargo Bank operations employees
  • Ready to run application, no programming required

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