Upgrade Legacy Item Processing Systems for ICL Files

X9 IMAGE CLEARING is a Windows server-based application to upgrade legacy payment systems for Check 21 clearing processing. X9 IMAGE CLEARING enables:

  • Routing
  • Posting
  • Archiving
x9 image clearing


Although check item processing software solutions support forward presentment ICL files, they do not embrace the ICL file as a mechanism for routing, posting, image archiving. Consequently, the architecture of most item processing systems is still based on the traditional Day 1 and Day 2 item processing model. The challenge that faces many financial organizations is how to justify the investment required to upgrade the legacy item processing system during a time of decreasing volume of check items.


X9 Image Clearing is an archive system for check Image Cash Letter (ICL) files that tracks and stores all imported and exported ICL files. A Windows Server-based platform for check image clearing processing, X9 IMAGE CLEARING enables archiving, research, duplicate detection of U.S. based X9 and Canadian Payments Association (CPA) ICL files with optional return and forward clearing.

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The North Carolina Department of State Treasurer (NCDST) was mandated to upgrade their check clearing system to be Check 21 capable by January 2009. If they did not meet this deadline and upgrade their current system, the daily processing fees would double. NCDST selected All My Papers (AMP) to implement a software solution that would minimize impact on their existing processes, interface to their legacy payment systems and process the new file formats sent to NCDST by the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) – all by the required date.

AMP implemented a solution based on its X9 IMAGE CLEARING server application. The solution processed and archived X9.37 Image Cash Letters (ICLs) received from the FRB. The software converted the data to the original FRB MICR format that was used by NCDST’s core banking system for the posting of check items. The software solution also extracted the images from the ICL files and exported them to system folders used for importing images to NCDST legacy, Oracle based, image archive system.

X9 IMAGE CLEARING provided NCDST with a browser based user interface to research and mark items for return. The system generated certified Return X9.37 ICL files that were then sent back through the FRB exchange network.

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