ANSI X9.100-187 2016

This standard formalizes an industry standard for check image exchange using the ANSI X9.100-187 standard format and a compilation of industry best practices.


ANSI X9.100-181 - TIFF Image Format for Image Exchange

This standard defines specific TIFF fields and parameters for check image exchange and the allowable values for those parameters. This standard addresses the use of G4 bi-level image (black/white) compressions within the TIFF 6.0 structure.


ANSI X9.100-188-2016

This standard defines return reasons for check image exchange and IRD's

ANSI X9.100-160-2-2014

This standard defines the use of Magnetic Ink Printing (MICR) and more specifically, the use of the EPC code 6 to identify check items originating as Remotely Created Checks (RCCs)


Canadian Payments Association

CPA 015 Standard

  • An industry-specific companion document for the creation of image files for exchange between CPA member Financial Institutions in Canada.
  • Download the 015 Standard

CPA 014 Standard


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