All My Papers Software Supports the 27 Record For Early Warning

Thanks for taking the time to respond to our email about All My Papers’ products that now support modifications to Record 27 in Image Cash Letter (ICL).

Files for the Early Warning® Chek Direct® process utilized in the clearXchange® process use information in the 27 Record for Peer-2-Peer payment processing.

Early Warning Deposit Chek Direct work flow states that the 27 record will be used in ICLs for direct exchange relationships and will be written into the participating partner’s agreements

X9 VIEWER is a Windows application for viewing, analyzing and editing X9 check image cash letter files. X9 Viewer  supports the viewing and editing of Record 27.

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Organizations with development staffs and programming resources can now employ the All My Papers X9 LIB software development toolkit to modify the 27 record to support the Early Warning Chek Direct process for clearXchange.

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