Expanding the RDC Market

The growth and evolution of the Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and remote lockbox markets continues to challenge the core technologies required to capture and process these transactions. New markets are changing the requirements and characteristics of the check image and MICR data capture process, and they require the use of lower cost check image capture devices that are portable and convenient to use. Solutions are now evolving to include every type of document scanning capture device.  All My Papers provides solutions to meet these challenges.


Click here to download the PDF version of the Strategies For Success article describing the emerging RDC and Remote Lockbox market business uses and the technological challenges.


These devices have two major issues

  1. No MICR - MICR information is not captured with these scanners by physical magnetic readers
  2. Non-conforming check image - The resultant scanned check image is usually not formatted for exchange or electronic deposit

Software Solutions

AMP has Software Development Toolkits and applications to develop and build RDC and Lockbox solutions.

All My Checks A Windows-based application that makes every scanner a check scanner and can;

  • Run with an interactive GUI
  • Run as a Command line driven application that is “lights out” with configuration parameters
  • Create ICL files formatted for deposit or exchange

ampLIB MICR OCR a software development toolkit for extracting MICR information from check images and prepping check images for electronic deposit or exchange.

AMP Software Can

  • Locate and extract the check images from a transaction that contains images of invoices, receipts, notes and other transaction documents
  • Locate and extract the check image from the entire image of a remittance voucher Read the MICR line with high accuracy and low substitution rate
  • Create industry compliant TIFF CCITT G4 image Process black and white, grayscale, and color images
  • Convert color and grayscale images to high quality black and white images
  • Crop, detect orientation, and de-skew check images
  • Compensate for poor focus and low contrast images
  • Detect resolution of the input image if it is unknown
  • Correct for variations in resolution and trapezoidal shapes
  • Scale images to resolutions required for deposit and exchange
  • Generate an endorsed rear image with size and resolutions matching the front image
  • Assemble check image and associated dollar amount and MICR line data into a compatible ICL file

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