Low-Cost Solution for RDC Lockbox

Now, process checks, payment coupons and remittance documents with one pass scanning using any scanner at a low fixed cost.  All My Checks is a Windows software application that has a new option called All My Coupons using components of the AMPLIB SDK.NET. With the coupons option, you can now have fast and accurate check and payment coupon detection, reading and extraction with reasonable licensing costs.



All My Coupons provides these benefits and reduces operation expense

  • Automatically, accurately and quickly machine read barcode encoded amount and account information, no need to use expensive data entry operators
  • One pass scanning, no need to scan checks a second time with a specialty check scanner reduces operator expense
  • Use virtually any document scanner for both checks and payment coupons One software application for multiple bank remote deposit destinations.

Lower Volume at Lower Cost

The growth and evolution of the Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) market continues to challenge the providers and users of the core technologies required to capture and process these types of transactions. RDC originally started with businesses that received a high volume of check payments. Processing a large number of checks justified the purchase of specialty check scanners and software. The growth of the RDC market has now expanded to businesses that require lower cost check capture solutions because of lower check volumes.

Low Volume Remote Deposit Lockbox

Receivable processing via wholesale and retail lockbox services is an opportunity for financial institutions to obtain and keep their corporate customers and depositors. They need to capture remittance vouchers, coupons and other associated transaction information. Because this is low volume and is a service to the corporate depositors, the financial organization needs to make the process as efficient as possible. They cannot afford a two step process of scanning all the documents and then bursting apart the checks and using a specialty check scanner. They need an economical one step process.

Lockbox service providers (both wholesale and retail) also have a problem in which payments are not only sent to the lockbox address but delivered to field branches or even misdirected to corporate addresses. These payments are defined as “stranded payments” and before affordable RDC, they had to be physically redelivered to the central lockbox processing center. Now with RDC these stranded payments can be captured remotely and sent electronically to be processed at the lockbox centers. Any associated non-check documents can be scanned and sent as well. This speeds up the collection process for these items while reducing transportation and remote handling expenses.

The new RDC markets require the use of lower cost check image capture devices that are portable and convenient to use and software that can handle the wide variety of scanned check images. RDC solutions are now evolving to include every type of document scanning capture device. However, these devices have two major issues

  • No MICR - MICR information is not captured with these scanners by physical magnetic readers.
  • Non-conforming check image - The resultant scanned check image is probably not formatted for exchange or electronic deposit.

Since these scanners do not have magnetic MICR readers, it is now the responsibility of software to capture the MICR information using software optical character recognition (MICR OCR) technologies that read the E13B MICR fonts from the check image, accurately with low substitution errors.

Check images captured by this wide variety of scanning devices do not produce a check image that conforms to exchange standards. Check images from these devices are no longer captured properly framed and cropped with correct resolutions and in correct black and white TIFF file formats.  The software technology needs to accept as input the variety of image formats produced by these scanners and format the images to conform to standards.

Checks can also be remittance vouchers with the check a component of a multi-part form. The application technology will need to be able to filter out the non-checks while maintaining the integrity of the entire transaction. The technology will also need to locate and extract check images from the top, middle or bottom of a multi-part check voucher forms.

New Process with ALL My Checks and All My Coupons


Now scan checks and coupons on any document scanner just one time. Run the All My Coupons software option.

All My Checks with coupons Features

  • Scan all documents once (no need for separate check scanner
    • Checks
    • Remittance coupons
  • Automatically find and extract check images from scan
  • Automatically find and read remittance coupon information using barcodes
    • Customer account number
    • Payment due amounts
  • Automatically prepare front and back check images for remote deposit
  • Automatically extract MICR information from check images to obtain bank routing numbers, account numbers and and check serial numbers
  • Create X9/ICL files for electronic remote deposit Format ICL files for over 50 financial institutions
  • Verify coupon information with optional X9 VIEWER


  Verify correct dollar amount with optional X9 VIEWER DE software


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