License Transfer

This page applies to those who are:

  • Replacing a license on a PC that has crashed
  • Transferring a license from one PC to another.
  • Moving to a new operating system or to virtual machine environment

All My Papers supports license transfers from one machine to another which has the same environment as part of maintenance.  Upgrading an operating system such as moving from XP to Win7 is also supported under your license. 

However, moving from a physical machine to a VM may require a new license.

All My Papers provides a freely downloadable application called License Manager (Download License Manager Here) for the installation and removal of All My Papers application and SDK licenses.  In order to facilitate license transfers the latest version of the License Manger will convert a Permanent license on a workstation or server from which a license is to be moved to a 30-day temporary license.  Deletion of a license in this manner produces a Deletion Code which when sent to All My Papers, tells us that your permanent license has been removed and may be exchanged for new license codes to be installed on the upgraded or replacement system.

In this way, there is a 30-day window in which you may keep your existing installation in production while All My Papers issues issue new permanent licenses and you test your new environment.

License Transfer Requirements

In order to transfer a license, you will need to verify/provide the following:

  • Verify that your license is currently under maintenance e.g. your organization is up-to-date on the payment of annual maintenance fees.  If you don not know, please contact accounting@allmypapers.comPerform this step BEFORE deleting any licenses.
  • Provide a filled-out License Environment Questionnaire  to identity both the new environment and the old environment.
  • Provide a filled-out a Certificate of Destruction with deletion cod(s) filled-in.
  • Provide a snapshot of your current licenses which may be obtained using the latest version of the All My Papers License Manager software.
  • Provide a copy of your original license code which were emailed to your organization when the license was purchased.  If you cannot locate these codes, contact

Please follow these steps

Confirm that annual maintenance is current.

Identify the original Purchase Order under which this license was acquired or provide the email containing the original license codes provided to you company.

Download and complete the license environment questionnaire  and return to

Download and install the new latest License Manager software.

Start the License Manager click the Diagnostic button on the main page (About from the Help Menu in older versions of the License Manager).  Copy the information presented to the clipboard and paste it into your email to  This information will help us determine the correct replacement license.

Do Not Delete your old licenses YET

Once this information is received and we have verified that maintenance is up-to-date you can delete your license in the latest License Manager which converts it to a temporary license as described and provides a deletion code.

Fillout the Certificate of Destruction including the deletion code and send to to

In addition, please fax the Certificate of Destruction to 408-366-6406.

Once we receive the fax and code, then we can send you a new license.

Please remember that moving from a physical machine to a Virtual Machine  environment requires a new license to be purchased.  Please contact for details.

For any questions contact


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