New IRD Print Standard

Two standards were implemented by the major exchanges in the fall of 2010. These standards affect how IRDs will be printed and how the source files used to convert IRDs to paper are constructed and formatted.

The newest release of All My Papers IRD Print® software prints accurate Image Replacement Documents (substitute checks) from Image Cash Letter (ICL) files.

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The software conforms to ANSI X9.100-140:2008, which becomes a mandatory standard in November 2010.

In addition to a new print format, a new file format will also be required in September 2010.  See Converting X9.37 Image Cash Letter Files to Universal Companion Document (UCD) FilesConverting X9.37 Image Cash Letter Files to Universal Companion Document (UCD) Files

What is an IRD?

An Image Replacement Document (IRD) is a substitute paper equivalent of an electronic check from an ICL file. It may be used as the legal equivalent of the original check.

Any printer can print output that looks like an IRD, but not all printers can print a valid IRD. If an IRD is not printed to the exact standards, then it may be rejected by the receiving institution, which would deny funds. Therefore, it is extremely important to employ technology that can ensure accurate printing of valid IRDs.

How IRDs Are Created?

Image Cash Letter (ICL) files consist of check images and associated textual data. ICL items can be printed as IRDs with the proper software.

What Does an IRD Look Like?

Printing items for forward presentment, or return items for re-presentment, requires IRD software that will properly format the check image and associated data as shown in the example Return IRD below.

Why Do I Need IRDs?

An IRD is used whenever an electronic check image needs to be converted to a traditional paper check equivalent for the clearing process.

Exception Processing

Each day more and more paper checks are scanned and processed with Check 21 imaging solutions, and converted into electronic items within ICL files. There will be exceptions when the processing of one or more items cannot continue as electronic items.

Non-image enabled financial organizations require IRDs to process electronic checks through their paper check system.

Sometimes one or two items in an ICL are not valid and must be separated and handled as paper. If these items can be separated from the cash letter, then the balance of the items in the electronic ICL file can be sent on through the presentment chain, preserving work flow and meeting processing time windows.

Return items that have been imaged, but now need to be processed or represented as paper, can be converted to IRDs. These return items will have the reasons for the return printed on the IRD.

Statement processing and advice letters need to include a check image. An IRD can be used for those instances.

All MY Papers X9 VIEWER® Software allows you to view, select, print as IRD, then delete from the ICL. The X9 VIEWER software will rebalance the remaining items in the ICL file.

Differences in IRDS from 2004 to 2008 Standard

ANSI X9.100-140:2008 has these differences from the previous standard.

  • Front of IRD - Return Reason Overlay uses abbreviated language and is placed horizontally to limit printing on the check image as shown below
  • Front of IRD - Truncating Bank Information Lines are reversed as shown below
  • Back of IRD - Printed Return Reason Code is added to the endorsements block

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