All My Papers Return Document Printing Solutions are Windows™ - based software products used to convert check Image Cash Letter (ICL) files to:

  • Image Replacement Documents (IRDs) in the U.S. that conform to the ANSI X9.100-140:2008 standard.
  • Clearing Replacement Documents (CRDs) in Canada (similar to a forward IRD in the U.S) that conform to the Canadian Payments Association Standard 014.

All My Papers IRD Print software rapidly prints accurate Image Replacement Documents Clearing Replacement Documents and Return Replacement documents from ICL files.

The software conforms to ANSI X9.100-140:2008 (mandatory in Nov 2010), with file types X9.37, Universal Companion Document (UCD). UCD 187 (mandatory for exchange with FRB beginning in Sep 2010), and with Canadian Payments Association Standard 015 files.

IRDs and CRDs printed with All My Papers software are in conformance with The Check Clearing Act for the 21st Century (“Check 21”) in the U.S. and with CPA Standard 014 in Canada by meeting the following requirements:

  • Accurately represents all information on the front and back of the original check.
  • Contains the legend “This is a legal copy of your check. You can use it the same way you would use the original check.” (U.S. IRDs only)
  • Conforms to applicable industry standards for MICR line formatting.
  • Conforms to industry standards for the physical characteristics of checks.

ANSI X9.100-140:2008 has these differences from the previous standard which are summarized below.

  • Truncating institution’s routing number and business date print order is reversed in the truncator information block.
  • Return Reason Overlay uses abbreviated language and is placed horizontally to limit printing on the check image.
  • Return Reason code is added to the endorsements on the back of the check image.
  • Additional Return Codes are added.

All My Papers has two IRD Printing software solutions

  • X9 VIEWER® with IRD Printing license – Use when viewing the check items, selecting or editing capabilities are required on the ICL files prior to printing IRDs/CRDs.
  • IRD PRINT SDK® -   Use when you want to develop your own custom IRD printing applications or add IRD/CRD printing capabilities to your core banking system software.

IRD Print Functions

  • Prints valid IRDs and CRDs conforming to industry standards from ICL files
  • Easy to use with AMP X9 VIEWER application
  • Software Development Toolkit allows rapid development of custom IRD/CRD printing applications
  • Supports a wide variety of PLC5e compatible duplex laser printers
  • Prints both Forward and Return IRDs as well as CRDs
  • Prints both Normal and Qualified IRDs and CRDs
  • Prints items 1 or 3 up
  • Configurable for sorters and bursters
  • Drives printers at full rated speed


  • Accurate - prints IRDs as legal, negotiable instruments
  • Reliable - used in the largest financial institutions to prints millions of Replacement Documents daily
  • Flexible - works with a wide variety of laser printers
  • Fast - prints up to 1,280 Replacement Documents per minute
  • Scaleable - the same software may be used used to print a few or a million per day
  • Secure –MICR fonts purged from printer after print job
  • Economical – flexible licensing plans

Printer Support

IRD Print supports many types of printers including

  • Specialty IRD printers from companies like the TROY Group
  • A variety of duplex laser printers from companies like Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, and Ricoh/Hitachi, Xerox and IBM

The printer for printing valid IRDs with AMP software must meet these requirements:

  • Duplex – be able to print front and back information on the same paper
  • Laser – uses laser technology for fusing the toner to the paper
  • MICR Toner – so that automated check sorting machines can read the magnetic information on the bottom of the IRD
  • HP PCL5e compatible – so the AMP page printing layout software accurately places the legal components within the specifications required by the standard.

More Details

Print negotiable IRDs from ICL files via a the X9 Viewer or via your custom application.

Print IRDs from a single workstation or install it on a print server to support up to 63 clients on a network running X9 Viewer or your custom application.  Network traffic is minimized because the check image data is compressed until it arrives at the printer.

All My Papers provides IRD/CRD Print products as either an add-on capability to X9 Viewer as an SDK:

  • Use the SDK to develop your own IRD/CRD Print applications
  • Use the Application along with the X9 Viewer print IRDs and CRDs in both single and multiple workstation environments
  • Use the X9 VIEWER in conjunction with IRD Print services when you need to view, analyze or edit ICL files before printing replacement documents.

Related Standards

Click to view the Standards Page



Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System

  - Desktop - Windows 7, 8x, 10 - 32/64-Bit

  - Server - Windows Server 2008 and newer

  • CPU: Pentium 4, 2GHZ
  • RAM: Per Operating System Minimums

Input/Output Compatibility

Input File Formats: X9.37/X9.100-187 ICL Files

Output File Formats: ANSI X9.100-140:2008 Forward and Return IRDs for printing

IRD Printer Requirements

Off the shelf

Most duplex laser printers from Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, and Ricoh/Hitachi, Xerox and IBM that meet the requirements below:

  • Duplex – be able to print front and back information on the same paper
  • Laser – uses laser technology for fusing the toner to the paper
  • MICR Toner - Have available MICR (Magnetic) toner cartridges – Required to produce negotiable IRDs with magnetic information that automated check sorting machines can read
  • HP PCL5e compatible – Ensures proper formatting of printed IRDs so that they conform to the ANSI X9.100-140:2008 standard


IRD printers from companies like the TROY Group



About Downloaded Software

All my Papers software is available for download for trial and production use and in some cases, demo use.

  • Demo Use - You may download the software and install it - limited functionality is available without any licenses.  Products without demo functionality will require a license to use.
  • Trial Use - Qualified customers may obtain a temporary license to enable product features for trial use (usually 30-days) by contacting
  • Production Use - When you purchase an All My Papers product, you will be issued a permanent license enabling it use on one workstation or server.  Permanent licenses come with one year of support and maintenance releases.  Thereafter, support and access to maintenance releases is 18% of the permanent license cost per year.


IRD-Print-smlogoIRDLIB SDK

Available for Trial, Production

IRDLIB is a COM Object Software Development Toolkit (SDK) for accurate and fast printing of Image Replacement Documents (IRDs) from UCD 187 and X9.37 files as well as other sources.   IRDLIB provides control over forms, fonts and printers to produce IRDs that conform to the X9.100-140 2008 standard. To obtain pricing information or a trial license contact .

Download IRD LIB SDK 64-Bit version

Download IRD LIB SDK 32-Bit version

Please note that to develop with IRDLIB SDK, you will need to the IRD Print application below.


IRD-Print-smlogoIRD Print Application

Available for Demo, Trial, Production

The IRD Print Application is sold only with the X9 VIEWER and the IRD Print SDK and adds IRD Printing capability. 

You may download and tryIRD Print without a license which allows the the printing of IRDs with a "DEMO" watermark.  To obtain pricing, a temporary for evaluation or to purchase a permanent license and support or just to find out more, information contact

Download IRD Print Application 64-Bit version

Download IRD Print Application 32-Bit version




All My Papers has flexible licensing plans for the IRD Printing solution. The licenses control the rate of printing IRDs from 15 IRDs per minute to greater than 1280 IRDs per minute.  The PC that controls the printer must have the appropriate IRD print license installed.


IRD Printing with X9 VIEWER



IRD Printing Client/Server Configurations

General Licensing Model

Terms for licensing AMP's software authorize one user and one physical hardware device per software instance. All My Papers applications and demos are a one-time purchase and require runtime licenses. There are no per click fees. Each computer using All My Papers software technology requires a runtime license. The licenses are issued in classes based on feature/function and speed/throughput. Licenses are sold for specific machines and users. AMP uses the "one user, one core" license model. For details, see the License text loaded during the installation of the software.

Deployment Licensing

Each PC/Server using AMP software must have the appropriate runtime license. Deployment Runtime licensing is sold on the basis of features selected for deployment and maximum number of items in a given file. AMP licensing terms authorize one user and one physical hardware device per software. Licensing for single user, single desktop, terminal services or Server licensing available.

One Dimensional and Two Dimensional Barcodes License Separately

1D and 2D barcode types require separate runtime licenses. See the list of supported barcode types at the bottom of the description page.

Virtual Machine Licensing Technologies that create virtual environments with either separate machine identities or separate administrative rights are creating virtual OS environments that require the appropriate licensing of any applications configured to run in those virtual OS environments. Virtual processors are considered to have the same number of threads and cores as each physical processor in the underlying physical hardware system. In addition to the standard terms and conditions for the AMP product being licensed, the licensee agrees not to copy or transfer a license to another hardware computer by "cloning", or via any other method, from the single computer that the software was originally licensed for. Contact All My Papers' Sales for a copy of the VM licensing amendment:

License Installation and Error Code 107

The License Manager Software allows the licensing of individual computers via the internet. Evaluation licenses, limited time licenses, feature set and feature upgrades licenses are all supported. An error code 107 indicates a nonexistent or non-valid license codes.

Click here to download the License Manager

Feature Licening

The following licensable feature groups are available for the ampLIB MICR OCR SDK


(No licenses Required) File Load & Decompress

AmpLIB (AmpLIB license only)

IMAGE COMPRESS & SAVE - X9.100-181 & UCD X9.100.187 Compatible Images Image scale & Rotation Bitonal, Grayscale & Color Images OCR A/B (AmpLIB license only) For Reading of Coupon and Remittance Documents

MICR OCR (AmpLIB and MICR OCR licenses required)

MICR Line Detection Reads E13B Font Upside Down Read ABA MICR Line Formats

IMAGE REPAIR/PREP (AmpLIB and Image Repair licenses required)

Find Document Images Skew Correction/Crop Speckle, Streak, Border and Line Removal Morphological Image Filters for Background Removal Laplacian Filters for Improved Edge Detection Dynamic Threshold for Color or Grayscale to B&W Conversion Page Mode to Find and Read Checks on a Remittance Page

CAMERA GROUP (AmpLIB, MICR OCR, Image Repair and Camera licenses required)

Uses Trained Fonts from Camera Based Images such as Cell Phones and Flatbed Scanners Character Level Multiple Engine Voting as Opposed to Line Level Voting Improves Performance of Existing Applications Using AmpLIB MICR OCR with No Code Changes

MICR VERIFY/PARSE (AmpLIB, MICR OCR, Image Repair and MICR Verify licenses required)

Verify Captured MICR Data Parse MICR Data to Field Level (R/T, ON-US, AUX ON-US, etc.)

ADVANCED FUNCTION CALL LIBRARY (AmpLIB, MICR OCR, Image Repair, MICR Verify and Camera licenses required)

AmpReadMicrCamera & AmpReadCamera - Single-Calls that Extract MICR Data & Output Exchange-Compliant Images Combines Many of the Above Processes to Provide Highest Read Rates, Lowest Substitution Rates and Best Possible Throughput


All options are available for single and multi core processors at speeds ranging from 0.5 to 1280 images per second per server. Speed licenses determine the theoretical maximum throughput of an application. Actual performance will vary depending on hardware, image quality, number of functions called and other factors.

Every PC using AMP MCIR OCR software requires a licensed runtime. Runtimes used on single processors are available for distributed applications based on functionality and throughput per the table below.



Image Repair


MICR Verify

Max Read Rate

Class 1





One image per every two (2) seconds.

Class 2





One image per second.

Class 2.5





Three images per second.

Class 3





Five images per second.

Class 4





Ten images per second.

Class 5





Twenty images per second.

 Advanced Option Licenses Processor Models - A baseline executable is available for single process execution at 20 image file accesses per second. Above that speed multi-process executables are available at speeds from 40 to 1280 images per second per server. Multi-Thread - A Multi-Thread version of the SDK is also available. Multi-threading allows assignment of specific sub functions such as de-skewing or MICR extraction to particular processors. Correct?? Speed licenses determine the theoretical maximum throughput of an application. Actual performance will vary depending on hardware, image quality and other factors.

Speed Class

Processor Support

Max Images Per Second

Class 5

Single Processor


Class 6

Multi Processor


Class 7

Multi Processor


Class 8

Multi Processor


Class 9



Class 10

Multi Processor


Class 11

Multi Processor


Please note that "Max images per second" refers to the speed at which images may be accessed. Many operations (such as the ampProcessCameraCheckImages call) require multiple image accesses. The number of image accesses required for a particular task (MICR extraction for example) will vary depending on the quality of the check images. All My Papers will provide temporary licenses so that customers can characterize application performance under a given speed license class.

Contact for more information






Combining Remote Capture and IRD Printing

This white paper discusses a Check 21 Strategy for Community and Regional Banks


Working with Image Cash Letter Files

This white paper is for anyone contemplating working with or implementing a system that will process Image Cash Letters (ICLs), AKA X9.37 files, and would like to reduce their implementation costs, time, and ongoing maintenance efforts.



View one of our online videos to help with many of our products and license installations.

The videos on this page provide an interactive overview of the features and functions of the various All My Papers products. These videos are written in Adobe Flash and will open within your browser (you may be prompted to download the Flash plug-in from Adobe if it is not already installed).  Most are smaller than 600KB in size so they will load quickly using a minimum of bandwidth.

IRD Printing

  1. IRD Print Configuration - This video explains how to configure your printer to work with the IRD Print software.
  2. IRD Printing - This video explains how to print your IRDs with the All My Papers software.

For questions or to stay up-to-date on our products

Click for our Contact Page


amc-logosmAll My Checks™
• Extract MICR data accurately
• Format check images for exchange
• Create ICL files for exchange or RDC
• Ready to run software application

ampLIB-logosmX9 Exception Manager

• Increase transaction throughput
• Enable Check 21 processing for legacy systems
• Acheive improved float management

x9LIB-smlogoampLIB MICR OCR SDK 

• Process check images
  From Phones, Cameras, Scanners
• Extract MICR data from check images 
• Format check images for exchange
• Fast programming with single call implementation

ampLIB-logosmX9 RCC
• Build Remotely Created Checks
  - for presentment or exchange
  -on behalf of your customers 
• Produce Test ICL Files
  - to debug Check 21 Applications
  - without risking customer data

• View content of ICL files
• View check images
• Edit records and fields
• Print IRDs and CRDs

qualifier-smlogoX9 Qualifier
• Detect non-conforming TIFF tags
• Correct TIFF Tags
• Detect MICR Mis-Match
• Image IQA

x9LIB-smlogoX9LIB SDK
• Create ICL Files
• Format ICL Files
• Save as CSV Files
• Sort & Merge ICL Files

IRD-Print-smlogoIRD Print
• Conforms to latest standard
• Prints Negotiable IRDs and CRDs
• Works with many printers
• Prints one item or the entire ICL file

x9ImageClearing-smlogoX9 Image Clearing
• Check Archive
• Duplicate Detection 
• Research Check Items
• Forward & Return Clearing

x9ImageClearing-smlogoX9 Returns
• Imports ICL files into SQL database
• Supports 50+ ICL formats
• Return item research & sorting
• Browser-based user interface



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