General Questions

What operating systems does All My Papers support?

Windows 7 and Windows 10 on the desktop 

Windows Server from 2008 through 2016

How do I get an evaluation copy?

All My Papers will Make evaluation copies of its software avaiable to qualified prospects. Contact All My Papers Sales:  for details.

In addition to evaluation software, All My Papers provides demo versions of many of its applications at no charge.  Demo versions of All My Papers software may be upgraded to full functionality with a license purchase.

For Demo Software Click Here

To upgrade Demo Software to full functionality, contact All My Papers Sales:  for details.

What is the relationship between AllMyPapers and Seaport Imaging?

All My Papers is the worldwide distributor for Seaport Imaging software. The All My Papers staff developed most of the Seaport software and the company is licensed to support and modify the Seaport software. All My Papers does not sell the Seaport Imaging hardware products.

Can I get support from AllMyPapers on Seaport products?

All My Papers offers support contracts for most Seaport Imaging software purchased elsewhere. Please contact for details. Products purchased from All My Papers come with one year of e-mail support.

What's my next step after evaluating the downloadable versions?

Contact All My Papers Sales:


IRD Print

Can I print IRDs from multiple workstations?

You may print IRDs from multiple workstations using either the simple IRD print client or X9 VIEWER. Please see the appropriate section below

Printing from multiple workstations using simple IRD Print client

Printing from multiple workstations using X9 VIEWER

Where can I get All My Papers IRD Print software?

Download and install the IRD Print and X9 Viewer software from

What is XipPrint and why do I need it?

XipPrint is software from All My Papers that provides low-level, high speed printing services in the Print Spooler. The IRD Print tool kit and IRD Print applications use XipPrint to print IRDs.

Can I try All My Papers IRD Print software before I buy it?

Yes, you may download IRD Print here and install it without a license to print IRDs for testing and demonstration.  Until you purchase and install a license, IRDs will print with AMP watermarks so they will not be negotiable.

What software components are needed for IRD Printing?

The three components required for IRD printing are bundled within the XipPrint download. They are: IRD Printing Services – (XipPrint itself) which must be installed for all IRD printing Simple IRD Print Client – (IRD Print) This is an application that performs standalone printing of IRDs from ICL files IRD SDK – Tools for those who wish to develop their own IRD print applications

Is a duplex printer required?

Yes. There are both legal and technical issues if the front and back of the IRD are not printed at the same time.

What are the printer requirements?

A duplex laser printer is required with at least 600 DPI resolution and a MICR toner cartridge, using a PCL 5E driver and being Local to the print server. In addition, the printer must have a printer-based PCL engine as opposed to host-based.

What kinds of printers can be used to print IRDs with All My Papers software?

Laser printers with duplex printing that support PCL5 drivers and MICR toner cartridges.  Most HP duplexing laser printer have PCL5 drivers available at the HP website (look for PCL5 Universal printer drivers) and MICR Toner cartridges.

Which specific laser printers are supported by IRD Print?

Some of the printers tested include:

  • HP LaserJet P2055dn
  • HP LaserJet P3015dn
  • HP LaserJet 1320dn

  • TROY Group Specialty IRD Printers

Which brands of laser printers are supported by IRD Print?

IRD Print has been tested and run in production with printers from these manufacturers.  Other brands may be compatible.

  • HP
  • IBM InfoPrint (via PCL file)
  • Xerox
  • Ricoh

Can I use IRD Print  with a printer on a print server?

IRD Print requires a direct logical connection to a printer.  While the physical connection can be Ethernet, USB or WiFi, the workstation with IRD print must drive the printer directly without an intervening print server.  However, such a direct connection can be made to a printer on a print server without disrupting other traffic to the printer that may come from a print server (see next question).

Can I print to a network printer that is on a print server?

Yes.  However, IRD Print must talk to the printer directly and not through a print server.

What are the steps to connect IRD Print to a networked printer?

  • Download and install PCL5 drivers for your printer on the workstation where IRD Print will reside
  • Install an instance of the target printer with the PCL5 drivers using a TCP/IP connection and the IP port of the printer.
  • Print a test page from Windows
  • If not already done, install IRD Print
  • At the system tray, right-click on the green ball icon and select Configure - select the target printer and click install and then close the Configure dialog.
  • At the system tray, right-click on the green ball icon and select IRD Print. 
  • From the File menu of the IRD Print dialog, select Print Test Page.  the printer should print a single page with some text enclosed by a riled box.  This indicates that your installation is successful.
  • If the test page is successful, from the File Menu of the same IRD Print dialog, select Print ICL as IRD and navigate to an ICL file.  IRDs should print successfully.
  • Please Note:  If you have not installed a license for IRD Print, IRDs will be printed with a DEMO watermark

 Does IRD Print support commercially available MICR printers?

Yes, many commercially available MICR printers including those from TROY Group, Inc. are compatible with IRD Print. When working with a printer vendor make sure that the printer contemplated meets the criteria at the beginning of this FAQ and that it has a PCL5e driver available.

What is a Print Server in this context?

By sharing a printer in Windows from a workstation or server effectively becomes a print server.  IRD Print cannot print to such a shared instance of a printer.

Can IRD Print be installed on a Print Server?

Yes.  You can install IRD Print on a server and then share that "IRD Printer" which may then be accessed locally on the server and by workstations on the network.  In such a configuration you will only need one license for IRD Print.  However, each workstation will need the X9 Viewer and the appropriate licensing to print ICL files as IRDs.

Can a single printer have more than one driver installed?

Yes. Instances of the same printer can be installed in a single workstation with different names each associated with different drivers.

I use something other than a check printer like Troy?

Yes, Dedicated check printers sometimes provide their own MICR fonts in hardware.  Off the shelf printers do not.  When a hardware font is not available, IRD Print provides the needed font and allowing non-check printers to print IRDs.

Is a MICR cartridge required in all cases?

If an IRD is to be exchanged in the banking system and considered to be negotiable then, yes, MICR toner is required.  If the IRD is for a previously paid item and it is being returned to the institution's customer as a paid item, then magnetic ink is not required.

Our projected print rate for IRD printing seems high. How does IRD Print achieve the required throughput?

When printing multiple images on a page, most printing applications will decompress each image, scale, and then position on a new page. This "composite" page may then be compressed again for transmission to the Print Server and then decompressed again before printing. Even worse, the full bitmap may be sent to the printer as part of a "meta file". The effect is to transform the three input images of maybe 60 KB of compressed data at 20KB each to 4 Megabytes at 600 dpi for just one side of a page. XipPRINT based printing of IRDs does not decompress the images until they are ready to be composed onto the printed page. All the scaling and positioning is done once, as the page is being printed.

Do you need a special processor to achieve the data rates?

Today's workstations are generally powerful enough to drive desktop printers printing IRDs at the Printer's maximum engine speed.  However, if your projected volumes are very high, you may want to consult with All My Papers support before purchasing equipment. 

What kind of interface is recommended for IRD Printing?

We recommend an Ethernet network. Do NOT use serial or parallel interfaces. They are too slow.

Does it matter which side is printed first?

Yes, sometimes. The registration for the MICR font must be very accurate. The second side goes through the duplexer which may not be as accurate as the front side pick. Unfortunately, first image to printer is not always first image printed.

We installed a new license and the IRDs are still printed with the demo watermark. What's wrong?

The IRDPrint function operates within the print spooler. The license is tested upon startup. Therefore, a new license is not detected until the machine is re-booted or the print spooler is restarted.

Why can we view the Image Cash Letter but cannot print IRDs from it?

The X9 Viewer is designed to be able to open and display and report errors within ICL files.  However, a malformed ICL cannot be sent to the spooler as it can crash the print spool function.  Therefore, IRD Print will only accept and print IRDs from properly formed ICL files.

I have an HP printer--where can I get a PCL5e driver?

The exact driver you need will depend on which printer you have. Go to, select support and then drivers and software. 

What versions of Windows are supported by IRD Print?

  • Windows XP, 7 and 8 on the desktop
  •  All Windows Server configuration from 2003 on

What paper do I need to print Forward IRDs and Return IRDs?

Forward and Return IRDs, require 8.5”x11” 3-section paper commonly known as “Forward IRD” paper. You can buy IRD paper from a variety of suppliers including

Does the IRD printer need to be networked?

No, for simple installations (one printer and one workstation), the connection between the two devices may be either USB or Ethernet



How are licenses sold?

Licenses are sold for specific machines and users. AMP uses the "one user, one core" license model. For details, see the License text loaded at installation.

What is the License Manager application?

The License Manager is a custom application that handles license registration and deletion. This tool allows the customer to register software with AMP using Authorization and Product Codes, and to view the current set of licenses on the workstation. The License Manager is a Web-connected client/server application via standard HTTP protocol. The user must enter name and contact information at the time of registration.

Where are license feature bits stored?

The license is stored in the Windows registry.

Does the license have to be changed to install a new version of a product?

A new version of a product can be installed without changing the license.

Can I move a license?

Yes.  Please refer to the License Transfer page.

What is the process for upgrades?

Uninstall the current version, install a new version.  For IRD-Print, you will also need to reboot the workstation or server.  Any installed licenses will remain intact and seen by the application or SDK.

Are there cases to consider when purchasing a license?

Yes. special cases include:

  • Terminal Services
  • Virtual Machines
  • Multi Core/Process
  • Multi Thread

These types of installations may require special licenses.

Do I need write access to the registry to install a license?

The License Manager requires write access to the registry.  In most cases, the License Manager will handle the need permissions.  The Test License-ability button on the main page of the License Manager may be used to test for proper permissions.

Do I need to be an administrator to run License Manager?

No, but you must have full control of the registry. Administrators and Power Users generally have full control of the registry, however.

What are the requirements for running AMP software in a Virtual Machine environment?

Virtual machine (VM) technology allows you to run multiple operating system instances on a single physical machine. AMP licensing generally authorizes one user on one physical hardware device.  All My Papers offers the option of running applications and runtime licenses in VM and terminal services environments.  contact for details.

How does On-Line Registration work?

The All My Papers License Manager application is used to install product licenses on a workstation or server.  It will require you to fill-in contact information along with the product keys issued when you purchase a license.  When you install a license, the entered keys are exchanged for an encrypted license which is written to the registry of your system. On-line Registration is the default method of license installation and requires on-line accesses only during the license install process.  If your organization's security policies preclude on-line registration, an-offline method is also available (see next topic).

How does Off-Line registration work?

The All My Papers License Manager application is used to install product licenses on a workstation or server.  It will require you to fill-in contact information along with the product keys issued when you purchase a license.  When you install a license, the entered keys are exchanged for an encrypted license which is written to the registry of your system. If you do not have connectivity to the Internet, simply click the Off-Line Registration tab of the License Manager and follow the instructions.

What is a runtime license?

Each workstation executing software developed with an AMP SDK requires a runtime license. Runtime licenses are issued in classes based on speed and throughput. Runtime licenses limit the maximum processing speed and it is up to the user to determine nominal throughput for a given set of images and processor. The software starts out at maximum speed until it reaches the pre-determined limit. Tool kits and applications come bundled with a fixed number of runtime licenses.  For deployment of software developed with All My Papers SDKs, additional runtime licenses may be required.  For questions about runtime license options, contact sales@allmypapers.

How can I get a trial license?

Trial licenses are available for most All My Papers products.  Please contact sales@allmypapers.

Are there any applications or software tool kits from All My Papers that do not require registration and licensing?

Yes. All My Papers has several demo programs that show off the functionality of various SDKs and applications. See the Demo Download page.

How does All My Papers license its software?

All My Papers Software SDK and application licenses are sold via a one-time purchase. There are no per click fees.  One year of support is included with each purchase.  Thereafter support may be renewed for a percentage of the original license cost.  Contact sales@allmypapers for details.

When I try to run an All My Papers SDK or application it tells me this version is not licensed. What do I do?

If you have installed a production license and have rebooted your system, contact

If you have installed a trial (temporary) license and have rebooted the system and the license has not expired, contact

If you have not acquired a license, please contact to obtain your product and authorization codes.  Then install and run the License Manager which is required to install your license.

My computer is not connected to the Internet. How do I register my software?

See Off-Line Licensing (above)

I am an ISV and want to use my own licensing process. Can All My Papers accommodate my needs?

Yes. Contact

I need temporary licenses for my sales people and for proof of concept at my site. How can All My Papers help me?

All My Papers can deliver temporary licenses, from 7 to 30 days, to cover these situations. Contact sales@allmypapers.

Can I get a license for a disaster recovery or hot backup system?

A DRS machine requires the purchase and installation of an additional runtime license.

I need to change or upgrade my computer. How do I transfer my license to the new computer?

As long as annual support and maintenance are up-to-date, you may transfer at no cost.  See the License Transfer page.

Do I need to re-enter the license with each install of a new version of the software?

No. The license is stored independently of the software. This means that software can be removed and reloaded without the need to re-enter the license.

My machine crashed and I had to reload the software. Do I need a new license?

No. You will need to follow the instructions on the License Transfer page.

The License Manager says I rolled back the clock and it will not allow execution

Temporary licenses are sensitive to what may appear to be an attempt to get around the time limit. Changing the clock or date will generally invalidate your temporary license. This is not a problem for production licenses. Contact sales or support for a new temporary license if this happens.

What is All My Papers License Terms as it relates to Virtual Machines?

Virtual machine (VM) technology allows you to run multiple operating system instances on a single physical machine. AMP licensing generally authorizes one user on one physical hardware device.  All My Papers offers the option of running applications and runtime licenses in VM and terminal services environments.  contact for details.



How are new features, benefits, and standards supplied?

All My Papers continually upgrades it products to bring our customers new features, conformance with evolving standards, better ease of use, improved performance and error checking and in response to bug reports.  Customers who are up-to-date on annual maintenance may access the latest software at any time.

Do you maintain backward compatibility?

It is always the intention of All My Papers to maintain backward compatibility with prior releases.

Will previous major versions be updated for bug-fixes and the like?

Corrections and updates will apply only to the latest major release of the product.

Do All My Papers products follow national and international standards?

Yes. See the Standards Page.

What about variations to those standards?

While the format of ICL files is defined by two or three major industry standards, most banks use a proprietary variant of one of these standards for remote deposit capture transactions.  All My Papers support over 25 if these variants in both applications and SDKs.

How can I find the current standards for a given product?

The standards that apply to a given product are identified in the manuals and datasheets for the product.

Do maintenance fees cover new versions of standards?

New versions of standards require a major upgrade and additional fees.

Where can I find the current version of a product?

See the Downloads Page

End Faq


What is included in Support and Maintenance?

Maintenance entitles the end user customer access to all releases, updates, and patches released for the AMP software, as well as transferring licenses to another PC.

Support: Technical Support is a service which entitles the end user customer access to the All My Papers Support staff. Product support is available via email Monday thru Friday, 8: AM to 5: PM Pacific time at Acknowledgement of a problem is typically the same day, but before the end of the next business day. The problem description email must contain the failing file or a reference site to access the file. License support is available via email Monday thru Friday, 8: AM to 5:00 PM Pacific time.

Is it important to keep my Support and Maintenance fees current?

Yes. Support and Maintenance is provided to customers whose Support and Maintenance fees are current. If the fees are not paid on time, support lapses. To reinstate the Support and Maintenance of a machine whose payments have lapsed, the purchase of a new license will be required for the machine.

How can I requesteEnd user product support?

End User products are supported by email at Support hours are M-F, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

How is support managed at AMP? Can I call?

Support is done primarily by email. Support may include phone contact if All My Papers deems it will expedite resolving open issues.

What kind of information should I include in my support request?

The information should include the name and version of the software used, a detailed problem description, trace log information, and the failing file or a reference site to access the file used by the software.

How soon will I receive a reply to my support request?

Acknowledgment of a problem is typically the same day but before the end of the next business day.

If the problem cannot be resolved immediately, when will I receive an estimate of the time needed for correction?

Estimates on the time to correct the problem will be issued within seven days for problems that cannot be resolved immediately.

How many people can be designated as contacts for each SDK license?

A single individual must be designated as the contact person for each SDK license.

How can I change the contact person?

After the first year, designation of a new contact person requires the purchase of a new SDK license.

Is all developer support done by email?

Developer support is done primarily by email at .  Support hours are M-F, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Support may include phone contact if All My Papers deems it will expedite resolving open issues.

Some of the new USPS 4-state barcodes cannot be read, what does that mean?

The USPS has at least two 4-state barcodes. The All My Papers AMPLIB 4-state reader is for the public use version called OneCode or IntelligentCode. This code allows the mailer to generate private information within the barcode and track it through the mail system by USPS provided tools. The OneCode barcode has 65 bars in each code. The USPS also has a 4-state code applied at the post office with 57 bars on large flat mail. This is not meant to be read by the public and the USPS does not publish the specification.


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amc-logosmAll My Checks™
• Extract MICR data accurately
• Format check images for exchange
• Create ICL files for exchange or RDC
• Ready to run software application

ampLIB-logosmX9 Exception Manager

• Increase transaction throughput
• Enable Check 21 processing for legacy systems
• Acheive improved float management

x9LIB-smlogoampLIB MICR OCR SDK 

• Process check images
  From Phones, Cameras, Scanners
• Extract MICR data from check images 
• Format check images for exchange
• Fast programming with single call implementation

ampLIB-logosmX9 RCC
• Build Remotely Created Checks
  - for presentment or exchange
  -on behalf of your customers 
• Produce Test ICL Files
  - to debug Check 21 Applications
  - without risking customer data

• View content of ICL files
• View check images
• Edit records and fields
• Print IRDs and CRDs

qualifier-smlogoX9 Qualifier
• Detect non-conforming TIFF tags
• Correct TIFF Tags
• Detect MICR Mis-Match
• Image IQA

x9LIB-smlogoX9LIB SDK
• Create ICL Files
• Format ICL Files
• Save as CSV Files
• Sort & Merge ICL Files

IRD-Print-smlogoIRD Print
• Conforms to latest standard
• Prints Negotiable IRDs and CRDs
• Works with many printers
• Prints one item or the entire ICL file

x9ImageClearing-smlogoX9 Image Clearing
• Check Archive
• Duplicate Detection 
• Research Check Items
• Forward & Return Clearing

x9ImageClearing-smlogoX9 Returns
• Imports ICL files into SQL database
• Supports 50+ ICL formats
• Return item research & sorting
• Browser-based user interface



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December 2 , 2008 All My Papers Awarded Bid by State of Nouth Carolina for Check 21 Processing

October 24, 2008 All My Papers previews Beta version of X9 Viewer with support for the Universal Companion Document, UCD.

July 23, 2008 All My Papers Releases Software Reader for USPS 4-State Barcode

May 6 , 2008 All My Papers Releases Federal Reserve Bank MICR Conversion Utility for Check 21 Files


December 12, 2007 All My Papers Releases X9 TIFF QUALIFIER For Testing To the New ECCHO Check Image Exchange Rules

October 23, 2007 All My Papers Releases White Paper on Ramifications of MICR Mis-Match in Check Image Exchange

October 22, 2007 All My Papers Releases X9 TIFF QUALIFIER for Image Cash Letters

August 21, 2007 All My Papers Joins Financial Industry Organizations ECCHO and FSTC To Facilitate Check Image Exchange

May 2, 2007 - All My Papers Releases X9 VIEWER for Image Cash Letters

March 27, 2007 - All My Papers Releases White Paper on Check Image Exchange Interoperability and Data Integrity Issue Resolution

February 21 , 2007 - All My Papers and Unisys Deliver Unrivalled Check Image Data Precision for Financial Institutions


January 17 , 2006 - Sterling National Bank, Leveraging All My Papers Technology, Granted Federal Reserve Board Approval for FedReturn™ Image Cash Letter


October 4 , 2005 - All My Papers MICR OCR Technology Integrated into 1,050 7-Eleven Vcom© Kiosks Verifies Check Image Data

August 12 , 2005 - All My Papers Publishes a FREE white paper - Combining Remote Capture and IRD Printing, A Check 21 Strategy for Community and Regional Banks.

July 20, 2005 - All My Papers Business Partner, Aquracy LLC, uses IRD print technology in Remote Image Capture Solution.

July 18, 2005 - All My Papers and Intactis Software Inc. form Strategic Business Partnership.

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