All My Papers Barcode Applications and SDKs deliver accurate and fast barcode data extraction from one dimensional or two dimensional barcodes that have been scanned as images.

Barcodes are used in document imaging to:

  • store data
  • control batch processes
  • route documents
  • index data bases

The All My Papers Barcode technology was developed and refined over a period of ten-years.  It employs a patented the barcode reading process that automatically finds and reads barcodes at any angle.  Millions of barcodes are read on a daily basis using AMP based barcode applications. 


All My Papers barcode reading tools have the following capabilities:

  • Detect barcode(s) within an image file regardless of angle or location
  • Finds all barcodes on the page
  • Read in any direction
  • Automatically repair image files for best barcode data extraction accuracy
  • Read and extract all barcode data
  • Exports barcode data in ASCII format to databases

All My Papers Barcode Software Development Toolkit (SDK)

AmpLIB Barcode Reader SDK is a High Level Programming System for Windows™ application development consisting of COM objects, Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLLs), associated import libraries, header files and example source code. The SDK is compatible with many programming environments. With AMPLIB Barcode software, you save significant time and gain maximum flexibility to customize solutions because AMP already has done the complex, low-level programming.  The SDK provides these benefits:

  • High read rate accuracy
  • Automatic detection of one or more bar codes in an image
  • Fast recognition and data extraction
  • Reads both one and two dimensional symbols (depending on symbologies licensed)
  • Reads barcodes in black & white, grayscale and color images
  • Reads barcodes from TIFF, multiple image TIFF, JPEG, BMP and PCX image files

AMP barcode products include the following image processing functions

  • Automatic image skew correction
  • Automatic image edge removal
  • Automatic image registration

1D Barcodes  

 2D Barcodes

3 of 9

PDF 417

2 of 5

Data Matrix


Four State   Barcodes (U.S., Royal, Royal Dutch, Singapore and Australian Mail


Quick Response (QR) Code









UCC 128




EAN 13




Patch Code


Airline 2 of 5




BCC 32


3 of 9 NSS



Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System

  - Desktop - Windows 7, 8x, 10 - 32/64-Bit

  - Server - Windows Server 2008 and newer

  • CPU: Pentium 4, 2GHZ
  • RAM: Per Operating System Minimums

Input/Output Compatibility

Input Image File Types:  Bitonal, grayscale and color image formats BMP, JPEG, JBIG, G4 PCX, DCX, RLC TIFF (Uncompressed, LZW, Packbits, G3 FAX, G3-2D, G4, JPEG, Type 2, Multi-image)

Output Image File Types: BMP, JPEG, PDF (bi-level multi-image) TIFF (Uncompressed, G3 FAX, G3-2D, G4)


About Downloaded Software

All my Papers software is available for download for trial and production use and in some cases, demo use.

  • Demo Use - You may download the software and install it - limited functionality is available without any licenses.  Products without demo functionality will require a license to use.
  • Trial Use - Qualified customers may obtain a temporary license to enable product features for trial use (usually 30-days) by contacting 
  • Production Use - When you purchase an All My Papers software license, you will be issued a license enabling it use on one workstation or server.  Licenses come with three years of support and maintenance.


Note:  All My Papers Barcode read functionality is contained within the ampLIB MICR OCR SDK.

 ampLIB-logosmampLIB MICR OCR Demo

The ampLIB MICR OCR demo provides a GUI interface to the functions of the ampLIB MICR OCR SDK and may be used to test barcode reading.  The demo may be used to view on-screen the effect of various calls on a target check or other image containing a barcode and to prototype calls if using the licensed version of the SDK.

To download the ampLIB MICR OCR demo go to the Demo Download Page


ampLIB-logosmampLIB SDK

Available for Trial, Production

The ampLIB MICR OCR performs Barcode reading, MICR line data extraction from check image files and Includes image processing and image formatting for Remote Deposit and other Check 21 applications.  The ampLIB MICR OCR SDK finds, reads, parses, extracts, verifies and saves the MICR data from check images.  ampLIB is a high level programming system for Windows™ application development consisting of COM objects, Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLLs), associated import libraries, header files and example source code. The SDK is compatible with many programming environments.

 To download the ampLIB MICR OCR SDK which includes barcode reading, please fo to the SDK Download Page


White Papers

 ampLIB MICR OCR White Papers


Bar Codes in Document Imaging

Describes in detail Bar Codes and how they relate to document imaging.


Best Practices for Check Image Capture Without Traditional Check Scanners

Outlines essential good practices for Check Image Capture without traditional check scanners. This white paper also provides detailed information about the how's and why's of using smartphones and scanners to capture check images.

SDK Manual

ampLIB SDK Manual

For questions or to stay up-to-date on our products

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amc-logosmAll My Checks™
• Extract MICR data accurately
• Format check images for exchange
• Create ICL files for exchange or RDC
• Ready to run software application

ampLIB-logosmX9 Exception Manager

• Increase transaction throughput
• Enable Check 21 processing for legacy systems
• Acheive improved float management

x9LIB-smlogoampLIB MICR OCR SDK 

• Process check images
  From Phones, Cameras, Scanners
• Extract MICR data from check images 
• Format check images for exchange
• Fast programming with single call implementation

ampLIB-logosmX9 RCC
• Build Remotely Created Checks
  - for presentment or exchange
  -on behalf of your customers 
• Produce Test ICL Files
  - to debug Check 21 Applications
  - without risking customer data

• View content of ICL files
• View check images
• Edit records and fields
• Print IRDs and CRDs

qualifier-smlogoX9 Qualifier
• Detect non-conforming TIFF tags
• Correct TIFF Tags
• Detect MICR Mis-Match
• Image IQA

x9LIB-smlogoX9LIB SDK
• Create ICL Files
• Format ICL Files
• Save as CSV Files
• Sort & Merge ICL Files

IRD-Print-smlogoIRD Print
• Conforms to latest standard
• Prints Negotiable IRDs and CRDs
• Works with many printers
• Prints one item or the entire ICL file

x9ImageClearing-smlogoX9 Image Clearing
• Check Archive
• Duplicate Detection 
• Research Check Items
• Forward & Return Clearing

x9ImageClearing-smlogoX9 Returns
• Imports ICL files into SQL database
• Supports 50+ ICL formats
• Return item research & sorting
• Browser-based user interface



July 22, 2014 - ALL MY PAPERS Software Selected by Tangerine Bank -- Cheque imaging technology provides low cost solution for Canadian Banks


April 10, 2013 - ALL MY PAPERS Signs Reseller Agreement with Orbograph


September 25, 2012 - Orbograph and All My Papers Form Alliance for Remote Deposit Capture & Mobile Marketplace Complementing technologies improve efficiency and reduce risk of fraud

August 3, 2012- Credit Union Times - Mobility Matters: Tracking the Mobile Banking Revolution in Credit Unions


September 28, 2011- All My Papers Announces a Software Application That Makes Every Scanner a Check Scanner - You can read the press release online by going HERE.

April, 2011- Check Deposit Challenges Using Scanners Without MICR Readers - Transaction News - You can read the article online by going HERE.

January 25, 2011 - All My Papers Updates MICR OCR SDK with Additional Camera Capture Features For Mobile Phones and Desktop Scanners


February 24, 2009 All My Papers Publishes Case Study of X9 IMAGE CLEARING Software Solution For the State of North Carolina Check 21 Processing.


December 2 , 2008 All My Papers Awarded Bid by State of Nouth Carolina for Check 21 Processing

October 24, 2008 All My Papers previews Beta version of X9 Viewer with support for the Universal Companion Document, UCD.

July 23, 2008 All My Papers Releases Software Reader for USPS 4-State Barcode

May 6 , 2008 All My Papers Releases Federal Reserve Bank MICR Conversion Utility for Check 21 Files


December 12, 2007 All My Papers Releases X9 TIFF QUALIFIER For Testing To the New ECCHO Check Image Exchange Rules

October 23, 2007 All My Papers Releases White Paper on Ramifications of MICR Mis-Match in Check Image Exchange

October 22, 2007 All My Papers Releases X9 TIFF QUALIFIER for Image Cash Letters

August 21, 2007 All My Papers Joins Financial Industry Organizations ECCHO and FSTC To Facilitate Check Image Exchange

May 2, 2007 - All My Papers Releases X9 VIEWER for Image Cash Letters

March 27, 2007 - All My Papers Releases White Paper on Check Image Exchange Interoperability and Data Integrity Issue Resolution

February 21 , 2007 - All My Papers and Unisys Deliver Unrivalled Check Image Data Precision for Financial Institutions


January 17 , 2006 - Sterling National Bank, Leveraging All My Papers Technology, Granted Federal Reserve Board Approval for FedReturn™ Image Cash Letter


October 4 , 2005 - All My Papers MICR OCR Technology Integrated into 1,050 7-Eleven Vcom© Kiosks Verifies Check Image Data

August 12 , 2005 - All My Papers Publishes a FREE white paper - Combining Remote Capture and IRD Printing, A Check 21 Strategy for Community and Regional Banks.

July 20, 2005 - All My Papers Business Partner, Aquracy LLC, uses IRD print technology in Remote Image Capture Solution.

July 18, 2005 - All My Papers and Intactis Software Inc. form Strategic Business Partnership.

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