Detect and Correct MICR Errors in Image Cash Letter Files

Now you can use low-cost software from All My Papers to automatically find incorrect, missing or low-confidence MICR characters in check image cash letters and then quickly edit and save the corrected ICL file.


All My Papers (AMP) combines two low cost software utilities to efficiently resolve incorrect MICR data in ICL files with X9 QUALIFIER and X9 VIWER

In many ICL files it is common to have several items that have incorrect, missing or low confidence (“*”) characters in the MICR textual description of the check item in Record 25/31. This data will not match with the MICR data on the check image.

X9 QUALIFIER compares the textual data in the ICL file with the MICR data on the check image using sophisticated MICR OCR technology. The AMP software finds these questionable MICR characters and flags them. You can even set individual confidence settings.

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Then from within the X9 QUALIFIER application you can seamlessly call up AMP X9 VIEWER application to view the flagged and questionable MICR Mismatches.

Using the MICR tab within the Viewer you can see the check image and use the editing box to make corrections.

The X9 Viewer application then saves and optionally balances the corrected file.


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All My Papers Sales can explain how these products will save you time and money correcting MICR mismatches in ICL files

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