Extract Check Images from X9/ICL Files

All My Papers has a suite of products that provide a solution for extracting check images from X9/ICL files.

X9 Viewer is an application with a GUI interface that allows the user to save a X9.100-187 file as CSV.

X9 Lib lets users with programming resources import a X9/ICL file and automatically save it as a CSV file

In both cases the Comma Delimited Text File (CSV) file saves the path name to the front and back check images so they can be saved to check image archive systems.

Compose and decompose ICL files

Financial institutions receive X9/ICL files from various sources:

  • Return items from the exchanges such as the FRB or local exchange
  • Items from their item processing partner

Contained in these complex X9/ICL files are check images that need to be imported into the image archive system or routed to various departments for further processing.

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