Download ampLIB MICR OCR SDK



The ampLIB MICR OCR performs MICR line data extraction from check image files and Includes image processing and image formatting for Remote Deposit and other Check 21 applications.  The ampLIB MICR OCR SDK finds, reads, parses, extracts, verifies and saves the MICR data from check images.

Download ampLIB MICR OCR SDK 64-Bit version

Download ampLIB MICR OCR SDK 32-Bit version



The ampLIBNet DLL is a .Net interface to the AMPLIB DLL. It provides the methods and properties of the IampImage, IampBarcode, and IampMICR interfaces in a single object, and can be used in .Net languages like Visual Basic .NET and C#. To obtain pricing information or a trial license contact

Download ampLIB .NET 64-Bit version

Download ampLIB .NET 32-Bit version


ampLIB Beta Versions

This version under acceptance testing, use as directed by your All My Papers support representative.  Includes both DLL and .NET interfaces.

Download ampLIB Beta 32-Bit Version

Download ampLIB Beta 64-Bit Version


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