Rapid data entry and correction for ICL files

A check Image Cash Letter file contains two data types – the check image and textual data about the check image. With AMP's X9 VIEWER you can view the check image and simultaneously correct MICR information or enter the dollar amount with a data entry box that automatically saves the updated data to the appropriate Record and Field in the textual component of the ICL file.

ICL files may contain missing or misread MICR characters in the ONUS field which are replaced with an industry standard (*). X9 VIEWER automatically finds each item with (*) and allows the user to quickly correct the information by viewing the check image and a data entry box right below the flawed data

Enter missing or misread MICR data of a check image cash letter file by viewing the check image and data entry box

Industry standards place an asterisk (*) when there is missing or misread MICR information in the 26/31 Record.  X9 VIEWER automatically finds these markers in the textual data and displays the check image and fields for data correction. Users then key in the corrected or missing MICR data and then save the corrected ICL file as shown in the image below.


Automatically Jump to the Next incomplete Check item

When in the MICR or dollar entry mode is selected, the software automatically jumps to the first item with an incomplete MICR line or missing dollar amount allowing for quick entry or correction. When the data entry is completed the software takes you to the next item needing attention without searching or navigating through the ICL file

Edit the Dollar Amounts And Auto Balance the New Image Cash Letter File

X9 VIEWER automatically finds the missing dollar amounts fields and displays the check image so users can read the CAR/LAR amounts from the image and quickly enter the dollar amount in the appropriate entry field as shown below.


Features and Benefits

  • Automatically jump to the next item to be corrected saves time and speeds up data entry.
  • Navigation to items via mouse allows for ease of navigation and fast data entry
  • Error or empty fields automatically displayed after each data entry. No need to scroll or search for next item to correct
  • Images are right displayed justified for in the X9 VIEWER panel for easy data entry
  • Edited amounts are automatically rebalanced ensuring conforming ICL files
  • MICR line data entry screen allows MICR and dollar adjustments for efficient data entry

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