Create and Disassemble ICL Files Programmatically

Organizations with development staffs and programming resources can now employ the All My Papers X9 LIB software development toolkit to turn the check images and associated data into image cash letter (ICL) files for exchange with financial institutions.

In order to successfully turn check images and data into ICL files that will exchange with your bank, care must be taken to ensure that the check images are ready for exchange and that the output ICL file format meets the specific requirement of your exchange partner.

X9 LIB allows he disassembly of a X9/ICL file. This function will extract and save the path to all the check images to add them to image archive systems. 


Compose ICL File

The X9 LIB SDK allows groups of conformant check images to be combined with MICR line and dollar amount data for each item into a fully formed Image Cash Letter (ICL) File ready for exchange with banks and other financial organizations.

The MICR line data and dollar amounts for this process can come from an upstream capture process or be extracted from the check images themselves using a companion SDK from All My Papers called ampLIB MICR OCR SDK

Decompose ICL File
Bank Specific ICL File
Conforming Check Image

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