CRD Print Standard

The Canadian Payments Association has implemented Standard 014 defining how Canadian Replacement Documents (CRDs) will be printed and how the source files used to convert CRs to paper are constructed and formatted.

All My Papers IRD Print software prints accurate Canadian Replacement Documents from Image Cash Letter (ICL) files.

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The software conforms to the Canadian Payments Association Standard CPA 014.

What is a CRD?

An Canadian Replacement Document (CRD) is a substitute paper equivalent of an electronic check from an ICL file. It may be used as the legal equivalent of the original check.

Canadian Replacement Document (CRD)

Any printer can print output that looks like an CRD, but not all printers can print a valid CRD. If a CRD is not printed to the exact standards, then it may be rejected by the receiving institution, which would deny funds. Therefore, it is extremely important to employ technology that can ensure accurate printing of valid IRDs.

How CRDs Are Created?

Image Cash Letter (ICL) files consist of check images and associated textual data. ICL items can be printed as CRDs with the proper software.

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