View, analyze and edit CPA 015 files

Canadian Banks can now open, view, analyze for conformance and edit cash letter files based on CPA 015 with AMP’s X9 VIEWER. This is a Windows software application that displays both the cheque images and the details of the Records and Fields.

All My Papers (AMP) has long worked with the ANSI X9.100-187-2008 “Specifications for Electronic Exchange of cheque and Image Data – Domestic” and has added new capabilities to its full suite of software products in order to work with Canadian cheque image files and the new Canadian Payments Association (CPA) Standard 015. CPA 015 which is a companion document to the ANSI X9.100-187-2008 standard.

Canadian Banks can now open, view, and analyze for conformance cash letter files based on CPA 015 with AMP’s X9 VIEWER.


AMP X9 VIEWER software can also print a Canadian Replacement Document (CRD) that conforms to the CPA Standard 014 with the printing license enabled. This software can be used by Canadian Banks today.


An Image cash letter containing Canadian cheque images can be sent by Canadian based financial intuitions within Canada electronically for CRD printing. No longer are courier services required for sending paper cheques.

Canada is adopting rules and policies for clearing cheque images. One of the new rules, recently adopted, allows for the conversion of an image of a Canadian cheque to a Canadian Clearing Replacement Document (CRD). This new paper document can then be processed as if it were the original cheque. A CRD is similar to the American IRD or substitute cheque.

AMP has tools to create the cheque Image Capture Payment (ICP) file for Canadian cheque images and for printing CRDs

This means you can now image a Canadian cheque, send the cheque image electronically and then the Canadian financial institution can then convert that cheque image file to CRD paper for processing locally.

To create the ICP file you will need the AMP software tools. With the cheque images, MICR data, and dollar amounts, AMP software creates the ICP file.

Once the ICP file has been sent electronically, AMP has solutions for converting this data to a printed CRD.

Interactively, X9 Viewer with printing license will open up the ICP and allow you to print all or some of the items on PCL5e compatible, duplex printer with MICR toner.

All My Papers Software Benefits

  • Reduce Time/Costs of cheque Deposit Processing For Canadian cheques
  • No need to courier paper Canadian cheques, now send them electronically
  • Ready to run application, no programming required OR SDKs for closer integration


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