All My Checks™ CAR/LAR Option for as low as $100/Month

Financial Institutions (FI's) of all sizes are committed to Remote Deposit Capture (RDC).  Organizations processing small volumes of checks require an efficient and economical way to compete with the large volume FI’s. All My Papers (AMP) has solved that problem by teaming with Orbograph for automatic check amount recognitions solutions.

All My Checks has a licensing option to automatically capture the dollar amounts from scanned check images for use in the creation of RDC files.


AMP’s software shields the user from the complexity of CAR/LAR technology while providing easy access to sophisticated functionality.

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Seamlessly integrated into AMP’s All My Checks® Windows application

ampsol6-2As integrated with AMP’s All My Checks RDC application, CAR/LAR will capture the check amount from the supplied check images and return it to All My Checks for inclusion in subsequent processing or ICL File creation merely by choosing the CAR/LAR function and the optional CAR/LAR licensing.

AMP’s software processes business checks as well as personal check images.

The dollar amount of the check needs to be extracted from the check image to create a check image cash letter file for remote deposit. All My Checks has three ways of obtaining the dollar amount of the check:

  1. Data File – for each check item there is the associated dollar amount. This may have been manually hand keyed or the result of a check scanner.
  2. Hand-keying using the special version of the AMP X9 VIEWER DE, that provides rapid input with the the check image above a data entry box.
  3. CAR/LAR Option for automatically reading the courtesy amount or legal amount, thus streamlining the process for maximum efficiency


CAR/LAR Benefits

  • Reduce data entry labor costs
  • Recognition accuracy better than human key operators
  • Reliable and redundant architecture
  • Safe and secure encrypted data transmission and reception

Economical CAR/LAR Licensing Options

All My Papers provides CAR/LAR recognition as a local server configuration or as a Cloud service targeted at relatively low volume users.

AMP has multiple levels of annual subscriptions with the lowest level starting at $100/month on an annual contract.

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CAR/LAR Option

The CAR/LAR option can be added anytime by obtaining the appropriate license from All My Papers. To turn the software on is a simple check box on the interface. See screen shot below.


CAR/LAR Settings and Features

  • Confidence Setting
  • Managed Recognition Reporting

ALL My Checks


All My Checks™ is a Windows software application for converting scanned mixed business documents (such as checks and contracts) into check image cash letter files (ICL/X9.37/UCD) for Remote Deposit (RDC).To find more information about All My Checks software Click here ….


Using All My Checks with the optional CAR/LAR license will allow the creation of conforming check Image Cash Letter files that are ready to send for clearing through the Check 21 exchanges or remotely deposited to most of the major banks in the U.S. with accurate associated dollar amounts.

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