All My Papers CAR/LAR SDK

The All My Papers Courtesy Amount Recognition & Legal Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR) Software Development Kit (CAR/LAR SDK) is a High Level Programming System for Windows™ application development consisting of Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLLs), associated import libraries, header files and example source code.


Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR) is the process by which software recognition engines read the numeric and written values on a check or other payment document automatically so that operators do not have to key in most of the data.

CAR on check

The SDK is compatible with .NET programming environments. With our CAR/LAR SDK, you save significant time and gain maximum flexibility to customize solutions because AMP already has done the complex, low-level programming.  Using a local CAR/LAR Windows Service and a cloud-based CAR/LAR recognition server, installation and deployment is fast and easy and requires very little in the way of local infrastructure.

A simple local file based protocol means that implanting CAR/LAR services is as easy as placing check images in a local input directory, calling the CAR service and retrieving the results from a comma-delimited file in the local output directory.

CAR diagram

The All My Papers CAR/LAR SDK lets you add Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR) to your check 21 or Image Cash Letter application. SDK features include:

  • Finds the courtesy amount on any exchange-ready (TIF formatted) check image
  • Returns both the dollar amount of the check and a read confidence score
  • Calls CAR services from an All My Papers operated Cloud-Based server to minimize local infrastructure requirements
  • Check images are encrypted using (encryption standard) prior to upload to the cloud • Check images are never written to disk by the cloud server
  • High read rate accuracy
  • Fast recognition and data extraction – end-to-end recognition time is typically xxx MS with server capacity ranging to xx images per second and beyond.

Includes Demo Programs

The All My Papers CAR SDK includes two demo programs with source code

console demo

Supplied Interactive Console Demonstration

csv output

CAR/LAR Results and Confidence Scores in CSV Format.


Open or Download AMP CAR/LAR Datasheet

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