ampLIB MICR OCR SDK Advanced Function Calls

Solve complex check image processing tasks with minimal programming effort.  Using the All My Papers ampLIB MICR OCR SDK, you just set a few parameters and invoke a single call to take two color or grayscale images (front and back check images) from a remote capture device such as a cell phone camera and generate two black/white images conforming to exchange standards. In addition, the same call extracts and parses the MICR data into the fields needed for ICL generation. The function includes IQA analysis to ensure the processed images comply to exchange standards.

A diagram if this process appears below:


ampReadMicrCamera This function takes a color or grayscale image as input and performs the following functions: Prep for MICR Read - Crops, registers, de-skews and performs trapezoidal adjustments on the grayscale image to prepare it for the MICR read engine and further image processing Dynamic Threshold - Converts color or grayscale images to binary MICR Read - Locates the MICR line in the image, reads its contents. Can detect and read upside down images. It also detects both the vertical and horizontal resolutions of the image to facilitate scaling to 200 DPI required for exchange.

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